Valid 19th of November 2021 – 27th March 2022 (LINK to PDF version)

Enontekiö Airport Traffic Charges and Terms of Service

ENF People, Operations and Projects oy

Reg: 3211440-8

Hetantie 775,

99400 Enontekiö,


1.   General

Enontekiö airport operator is ENF people, operations and projects oy, registration number 3211440-8 (VAT: FI-32114408), hereafter referred as Enontekiö Airport.

2.   Terms and level of service

Terms of service

The terms of service shall be interpreted in accordance with the Finnish legislation currently in force.

These terms of service are applied to airport services offered by the airport operator ENF people, operations and projects oy (Enontekiö airport), unless otherwise agreed in writing between the customer and Enontekiö airport,

The terms of service and amendments thereto are published on Enontekiö airport website (www.enf.fi). The charges listed in the terms of service enter into force as of 19.11.2021.

Basic details of the customer and operations

Before operating, the following basic details about the customer must be submitted to Enontekiö Airport at the address  airport@enontekio.fi:

  1. copy of the noise certificate, indicating the aircraft noise values and the highest maximum certificated take­ off weight (MTOW)
  2. contact details for invoicing and operations are submitted, including:
  3. name of the payer
  4. postal address
  5. email address
  6. business ID of the payer
  7. person responsible for operative and commercial / financial issues.

The customer is responsible for sending the required messages. The invoicing of local departing passengers (INT, DOM) is based on the number of passengers reported in LDM messages. If no LDM message has been received, the number of departing passengers for invoicing will be calculated using the maximum number of passenger seats specific to each aircraft type (ICAO).

Where aircraft maximum take-off weight has not been reported by using a noise certificate, the maximum certificated take-off weight specific to each aircraft type (ICAO) will be used as a basis for invoicing.

If an air carrier or any other aircraft operator fails to provide the information listed above as required in these terms of service or within the times specified, Enontekiö Airport may restrict the services available or refuse to provide any

Licenses and insurances required

The provision and use of Enontekiö airport services requires that the aircraft and its operator have all valid insurances, licenses, and approvals required by laws, regulations or aviation authorities for that type of flight operations.

For the use of an aircraft without third party liability insurance, or an aircraft insured for a smaller amount than required by law, Enontekiö airport has the right to collect the airport charges tenfold

Right to prevent aircraft departure for flight safety reasons

The airport manager, any person employed by the airport operator, or anyone having duties in air navigation services or in a maintenance organization or ground handling organization have the right to prevent an aircraft from departing, when there is reason to believe that:

  1. the aircraft at the time of its departure is not airworthy,
  2. properly manned,
  3. when the use of the aircraft for aviation is otherwise prohibited on the basis of the Aviation Act and the deficiencies referred to above may seriously endanger flight safety.


Level of service

Service levels for airports are published in the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP Finland), www.ais.fi and in NOTAM bulletins. The level of service varies according to the airport.

Opening hours

  • Enontekiö Airport has no fixed opening hours, opening hours are notified in NOTAMs’.
  • Scheduled traffic and charter flights will be served upon 21 day prior notice.
  • Other openings of the Airport can be agreed upon request.
  • Opening requests to airport@enontekio.fi
  • Enontekiö navigation services offer AFIS-services and are managed by Fintraffic ANS
  • Flights under VFR conditions free of charge if ATS is not operational, Ground Handling charges apply if needed
  • VFR winter operations to be confirmed separately
  • Fire Rescue category FFC 5/7.
  • Cancellation of the flight less than 48 hours will be charged at 100 per cent of the above rates.
  • SITA address: ENFAPXH

Enontekiö airport reserves the right to change these terms and level of service.

Further information

More detailed information on and conditions for Enontekiö airport’s services can be found in the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP Finland) www.ais.fi

Settlement of disputes

Any disputes arising from the provision of services mentioned in this document will be settled by District Court of Lapland.

3.   Air Traffic Charges


Landing Charges for scheduled traffic


Landing charges will be charged on arriving aircraft. The landing charge includes 8 hours parking, providing the parking space is available.

MTOW -class 
< 7 t€ 56
7 – 30 t€ 200
30 – 50 t€ 320
50-100t€ 600
>100t€ 800

Parking charges

Each 24 hour period is charged 20 € per each starting 100k of MTOW, first 8 hours of parking is included to the landing fee. Enontekiö Airport has restricted availability for parking. Long term parking is to be agreed, different charges may be negotiated.   


Terminal Navigation Charges for scheduled traffic

Navigation charges will be charged on arriving aircraft. Air navigation services at Enontekiö airport are provided by Fintraffic. Enontekiö airport invoices airport’s air navigation service charges along with the airport charges.

MTOW -class 
< 7 t€ 17
7 – 30 t€ 50
30 – 50 t€ 100
50 -100 t€ 188
>100t€ 250


Passenger Charges

Departing passenger charges 
            Intra EU Passenger charges, per person€ 8,00
            Outside EU Passenger charges, per person€ 9,20
            Transfer passenger charges, per personN/A
            Security charges, per person€ 6,20
            Air transport supervision fee, per person€ 0,90
            Passengers with reduced mobility (PRM), per             person€ 0,60

Passenger and Security Charges, PRM and Government tax will be charged on departing passengers.

4.   Other charges and services

Ad-hoc Business jets, taxi flights and medical flights

  • Single flights that can be considered as ad-hoc with maximum 10 pax flights are offered separate fares as stated below
  • One operation fare is priced according to the following table dependent on confirmation of the flight including 1 hour delay in planned operation (arrival or departure)
  • Scheduled turn around within one hour is considered as one operation
  • In case of airport is notified as open on Notam at the moment of confirmation of operation there will be a -50% discount on the below mentioned charges


Basic total charge for operation

Time of confirmation prior operationFare
more than 14 days1200 €
less than 14 days1300 €
less than 7 days1900 €
less than 3 day2900 €
less than 24 hours3400 €
  • Additional hours after first 1 hour of scheduled arrival or departure costs +EUR 500/hour in case of delay every starting hour
  • 50 % Surcharge is applicable on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays and weekdays between 23.00 pm and 6 am.
  • Surcharge percentages are always calculated from the Basic total charge for turn around
  • If a confirmed operation is cancelled in less than 48 hours before the operation the flight will be fully charged according to above mentioned fares.
  • Airport holds right not to confirm operations that are requested less than 72 hours of planned flight

Extended operational hours

Extended operating hours shall always be specifically agreed with the airport. If airport operating hours are extended on request to provide air navigation, airport maintenance and rescue services for a landing or departing aircraft, an hourly charge for the extended hours of operation is collected for each aircraft for which the service was used.

If the flight is able to land or take off within 15 minutes of airport closing time, no extra charge is collected. If extended operating hours were requested, the charge must be paid irrespective of whether the services were actually used or not.

The charge for extended operating hours is EUR 1800.00 for the first hour, unless otherwise agreed with the airport for a special reason. If the airport is held open on request for several hours, a charge of EUR 1 200.00 will be collected for every beginning hour thereafter. In addition, the normal air traffic charges will also be collected.

Oil, fuel, de-icing fluid – handling and recovery fee

Enontekiö Airport will charge any expenses caused by oi, fuel spills and chemical spills due to aircraft overfilling or technical malfunctions from the entity responsible for the damage or its insurer. The recovery charge is € 200 per hour or part thereof.

If the airport emergency service is not informed on the possible chemical spills of the aircraft or handling equipment, a fee of € 500 per hour is charged for the time spent on investigations locating the source of the spill.

De-icing operators are required to pay a separate de-icing handling fee, which is based on the amount of glycol (as delivered from factory) used in litres. The charge is EUR 1 per litre of glycol fluid used. This applies only to those cases where Enontekiö Airport has arranged the recovery of glycol.


Fuel services

Fuel provider is Joen Service Oy. Services available on separate contract with fuel provider.

Fuel service Contacts :


Tel: +358 10 5244 240

Enontekiö Airport Ground Handling services and charges

Ground handling at Enontekiö Airport is provided by Airpro. Ground Handling service is available on separate agreement with Airpro.

                        Airpro contact details:


                        Tel: +358 20 708 000 (Airpro Head Office)

5.   Airport Contact List for Airlines

Chief of Enontekiö Airport

Mr. Marko Halla

Accountable Manager (CEO)

+358 40 657 5866

Email: marko.halla@enf.fi

Air Navigation Services

Fintraffic Lennonvarmistus Oy

Tel. +358 400 693968


Passenger Services and Security

Mrs Daniela Huber

Manager Safety & Security

 +358 40 161 4742

Email: daniela.huber@enf.fi

Ramp Handling, Aircraft Cleaning, Crew services


Tel: Airpro Head Office +358 20 708 000

Fuel sales


Tel: +358 10 5244 240

Airport Codes

  • IATA – code ENF
    • ICAO – code EFET
    • SITA – address ENFAPXH